Fully open USB2 hardware-secure module

Buying a prototype SC4-HSM

Thank you for your interest in the SC4-HSM prototype. Before buying one, please read the following disclaimer:

THESE UNITS ARE PROTOTYPES. The come with NO WARRANTY WHATSOEVER, and in particular we make no representations with regards to security. We believe the device to be reasonably secure against a wide variety of common attacks, but neither the hardware design nor the software have been audited, and it is possible, perhaps even likely, that there are undiscovered flaws. The prototype units are for development and experimentation only and SHOULD NOT BE USED FOR MISSION-CRITICAL APPLICATIONS.

*NEWS* The SC4-HSM is back in stock and available for immediate shipping!

If, having read and agreed to the above, you wish to proceed with your purchase please place your order here:

Quantity: SC4-HSM prototype, USD $75.00 each
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